Complete Interior and Partial Exterior Renovation of Building 474 at Groton, CT. Submarine Base

  • Contract Value: $7,459,483

    Projected Completion: July 2016

    Brief Project Description:

    Major aspects of the work include:

    Removal and abatement of HAZMAT.

    Removal of existing roof and install new EPDM roof.

    Interior demolition of bathrooms, elevator and removal of existing MEP systems.

    Interior renovation of Classrooms and Labs to accept new raised flooring and other finishes.

    Extensive renovation of bathrooms, new lay out with new stalls and new fixtures.

    Majority of interior renovation also involved making the building HC accessible.

    Installation of new chillers and boilers and new ductwork with VAV and new DDC system.

    New primary and secondary lines with new XFMR and new switch gear with new sub panels and new lighting fixtures.

    Upgrade and modify existing sprinkler system with new fire alarm system.