Construct Laundry Rooms & Repair Building 2003 – Quantico VA

  • Contract Value: $9,624,000

    Projected Completion: July 2017

    Brief Project Description:

    This project is located along Barnett Avenue & Hawkins Avenue at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in VA. This is a Design Build project, which includes design and construction services required to bring Building 2003 up to current codes and provide quality accommodation to the marine cadets to increase their productivity.

    Renovations include replacing outdated finishes like replacing vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, paint walls, replacing nonfunctional fire doors, occupant room doors. In addition, the project involves providing a new fire protection system for the entire building, upgrading HVAC systems, Electrical & Plumbing in the First second & Third floors of the building. Exterior work involves includes replacing exterior concrete entrance patio and stairway and concrete pavement.

    The project also involves moving the laundry room from the basement to the first floor of the building and providing an up to date modern laundry facility to the building occupants.

    Benaka Inc. has availed the services of the A/E firm Hatch Mott Mac Donald for the design and engineering services. The design is currently underway and slated for completion by June of 2016. Construction of this project will start in summer of 2016 and will be completed towards the end of 2017.