Building 4 Office Renovations, Philadelphia NAVY Base, PA.

  • CONTRACT VALUE: $1,216,000

    COMPLETION DATE: June 30, 2012


    Building #4 Office Renovation Project is located in the downtown Navy Yard facility in Philadelphia. The existing attic area of building 4 had to be remodeled to accommodate an office due to the growing needs of the Navy.

    The purpose of the reconstruction of the attic area was to serve as a link between two existing buildings. The attic area was approximately 5000 sft and had an open roof truss system with insulated fire protection, hardwood floors, window openings & sloped walls with roof.

    New work done by Benaka Inc. involved a complete interior make over with several trades such as demolition, new carpentry, HVAC, Electrical, Fire Protection, Structural Steel work, window replacement , flooring etc.

    The Building 4 premises were functional the whole time during construction and the field crew had to co-ordinate all construction activities in a way that would not cause any hindrance to the operational facility. A part of the structural system was re- designed (for flooring as the building is an old structure) so as to receive a new finish.

    This was a complex fast paced job that required multiple trade coordination.