Design Build Roof, Building 7 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA

  • Contract Value: $2,200,000

    Project Completion: June, 2008

    Brief Project Description:

    Design Built 133,000 SF of standing seam metal roof system. The system included gutters and downspouts designed to control water runoff as well as a lightning protection system. Benaka oversaw the design services, which was provided by Gale Associates of Baltimore.

    The Design required us to determine the structural integrity of the existing roof decking to determine best method to retro fit the modified bitumen roof with a standing seam metal roof.

    The Metal was rolled into huge single panel and was installed as per the design. The metal was rolled at the job site using a roll former. The color of the metal roof was blended with the exterior façade of the building.

    Snow retention system was designed and installed to prevent large amount of snow falling off the roof.

    Lighting Protection system was installed without penetrating the roofing system.

    Before laying the roof, the Split parapet wall flashing was repaired, open counter flashing was sealed, Sealed dryuit walls, repaired existing deteriorated areas of roof, edge metal and pitch pockets.