Exterior & Interior Renovation of Kay Hall, Building 1801, Newport Naval base, Newport R.I.

  • Contract Value: $3,742,000

    Projected Completion: July 2016

    Brief Project Description:

    This Project is located in the Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island. The primary purpose of the project is to make the building walls, doors and windows safe, secure, watertight and energy efficient. The project involves exterior and interior renovations that include site work, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression system, architectural & structural work and refinishing the gymnasium wood floor.

    The building is classified as “Historic” and this work has been approved by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (SHPO).

    One of the salient features of this building is the wind bracing at North Wall built with steel columns and beams. The wind bracing was to be installed on the interior of the exterior North Wall. Due to the existing wood floor, using heavy equipment inside the building was a concern and a challenge. The wind bracing was to be installed an inch away from the existing wall as well, offering minimal free space for use of standard attachments and equipment. Benaka was able to develop a work plan confirming to the safety requirements along with lift plans of Navy and successfully installed the wind bracing on this project.

    One of the many other unique aspects of this building are the 12 huge exterior windows which were replaced with blast proof windows of similar size and appearance. The windows measure at 154” in width and 145” in height, offering a beautiful view of the Pell Bridge and Atlantic Ocean from within the building. In order to achieve the blast proof requirements, Benaka installed HSS steel frames to which these windows are fastened to.

    The exterior face of the building is covered with novelty red cedar siding. Beneath the wood siding a layer of self-adhering air barrier membrane was installed to provide wind and water resistance. The air barrier installation was performed as per the ABAA requirements.