Potable Water Pipe Repairs, US Naval Station, Newport, RI

  • Contract Value: $1,399,100

    Projected Completion: July 2016

    Brief Project Description:

    The project involves the abandonment, demolition, removal, repair, and construction of below and above grade portions of the potable water distribution system at the US Naval Station in Newport, RI.

    The complete project consists of five general work areas:

    Coddington Cove Hunt Street 8-inch Main. Replace an existing 8-inch water main along Hunt Street with an 8-inch cement lined ductile iron (CLDI) pipe.

    Naval Station Road Gate 4. Replace an existing 6-inch city water meter with an 8-inch fire flow meter.

    Coddington Cove NUWC Area. Cut, cap, and abandon in place the following existing water lines: (a) 8-inch line from Hunt Street to Bldg. 123; (b) 6-inch line from Cunningham Street to Bldg. 990; (c) 8-inch line from Bldg. 1320 to Fulton Street; (d) 6-inch line from Bldg. 1303 to Cunningham; (e) 8-inch line from Cunningham Street to Bldg. 126; (f) 10-inch line from Hunt Street to Bldg. 113; (7) 10-inch line from Fulton Street to Bldg. 109. In some cases, new service connections to existing water lines will be installed.

    Coddington Cove Cunningham Street 12-inch Main. Cut, cap, and abandon an 8-inch water main along Cunningham Street. Connect the service lines and fire hydrants served by the abandoned 8-inch main to an existing, parallel 12-inch water main.

    Coddington Cove Lexington Street Housing. Install a new 8-inch water line and a fire hydrant along Lexington Street.

    Options for this project include removal and disposal of asbestos contaminated soil, abatement and disposal of AC pipe fitting, removal and disposal of rock and provision of compacted fill, water service line to building 104, replace existing 6” city water meter with an 8” fire flow meter and installation of an 8” DI main including excavation backfill & surface restoration.