Repair & Maintain Building 204, Stewart Air National Guard, Newburgh, NY

  • CONTRACT VALUE: $2,654,000

    COMPLETION DATE: June 29th 2011


    Work performed under this contract included but was not limited to:

    The complete overhaul of the HVAC system:

    • Conversion of Pneumatic system to Direct Digital Controls (DDC)
    • Up Grade all VAV (eliminate all pneumatics to them)
    • Up Grade/Repair All Air Handling Units
    • Up Grade/Repair All Air Conditioning Units
    • Up Grade Supply and Return Registers
    • Redesign of the fin tube heating, to ensure adequate sizing
    • Up Grade/Repair Boiler.
    • Upgrade fire suppression system throughout the building
    • Repair lavatories to include new upgrades to equipment and ventilation systems.
    • Repair damaged/cracked flooring in warehouse
    • Repair roll‐up door in warehouse to install observation windows in the doors
    • Make necessary repairs to damaged walls (gypsum board), ceiling tiles and floor coverings
    • Seal building envelope (water repellent protection to the exterior block)
    • Upgrade/Repair lighting in warehouse area
    • Upgrade break area next to main conference area
    • Enclose overhangs on east side of building
    • Evaluate adding circuits to the back‐up generator
    • Up Grade office space and common areas cosmetically (paint, floor coverings)

    This project reflects Benaka Inc.’s experience in multi trade coordination.