Various HVAC Improvements for Building 107,112,214, 306A and 307 – Mechanicsburg, PA.

  • Contract Value: $2,250,000

    Projected Completion: Sep 2016

    Brief Project Description:

    The work includes HVAC energy improvements for Buildings 107, 112, 214,306A, and 307 at the Naval Support Activity Facility in Mechanicsburg, PA.

    The primary work includes the removal and replacement of various roof top equipment, ductwork, piping, boilers, tanks, and heaters. Related work includes but is not limited to, steel supports for rooftop equipment, ceiling replacement, roof patching, and removal/replacement of electrical switches, motors, panels, conduits, and wiring related to the mechanical equipment.

    Mechanical scope includes:

    Replacing 9 HVAC units and 2 boilers in 5 different facilities at NSA Mechanicsburg PA.

    The following facilities will receive replacement HVAC systems that currently provide heating and cooling:

    • Building 214 -Project will replace 6 packaged Rooftop Units (RTU’s).

    • Building 307 – Project will replace 1 Rooftop Unit (RTU).

    • Building 306A – Project will replace 2 packaged (RTU’s).

    Project will also replace the existing oil fired boilers in building 107 and 112 at NSA Mechanicsburg with new energy efficient dual-fired boilers. Project includes the removal of existing furnace and associated items including ductwork, registers and asbestos board. Provide dual fired boilers, pumps, hot water piping, unit heaters, air intakes, vent units, to accomplish a functional heating system. The work includes replacement of associated wiring and controls. The work also includes running of new gas line from nearby street to the two buildings and the installation of a gas meter at each facility.

    For Measurement and Verification (M&V), this project will utilize Option C, facility meters (AMI/legacy meters). This project will utilize the provided controls per the HVAC replacement to analyze and trend data for each system being installed. This will be a sufficient way to measure and verify energy savings.

    As a backup verification, AMI meters will be in place onsite prior to the completion of this project. This information will be compiled to verify the estimated energy savings. Building 214 will be installed with 5 electric, smart meters and will allow for the ability to measure and verify energy savings based on the HVAC replacement.

    Buildings 307, 107, and 112 will also receive meters to ensure accurate energy savings are verified. As a result, this project will be able to utilize the data analysis compiled through the advanced meters to measure and verify the associated energy savings for this project.