Whole Center Repairs, NOSC Avoca, PA.

  • Contract Value: $2,350,691

    Project Completion: July 2014

    Brief Project Description:

    The work includes a Whole Center Repair (WCR) to NOSC Avoca, PA. The objective of this project is to extend the useful service life of this NOSC and to bring it up to current codes in order to benefit the training and administration of Navy Reservists.

    Broad scope of the work includes but not limited to the following:

    Replace floor tiles and carpeting
    Paint interior walls
    Repair restrooms
    Reconfigure recruiting office and women’s toilet/locker/shower space
    Repair front entrance
    Repair sloped stone faced batter
    Replace decorative downspouts
    Remove Damage Control trainer and reconfigure area
    Electrical repairs
    Miscellaneous IT
    Seal coat and restripe existing road and parking
    Remove marquee signage and repair exterior veneer system
    Replace parking lot lights
    Entry plaza reconfiguration
    Construct walkways
    Construct recreational pavilion