Fire Station Vehicle Bay Extension & Building Renovation, Westover Air Reserve Base, Chicopee, MA

Brief Project Description:

Construct vehicle bay addition and renovate the existing fire station for the Army Corps of Engineers at the Westover Air Reserve Base, Chicopee, MA. The first portion of the project is to construct a vehicle bay addition for the Westover ARB Fire Station in support of emergency response operations. The new addition will have a gross area of 4413 sf. The fire station additional will support existing vehicles and support equipment that does not fit in the current vehicle bays and is currently stored in multiple locations on the base. The addition includes the selective demolition of the exterior wall and overhead doors in the apparatus bays, this includes removal of overhead and personnel doors and frames in the existing exterior wall. The existing exterior wall will remain and become an interior wall in the bay area. Existing building services, such as the electrical, plumbing systems will be installed to service the new addition.

The compressed air system and fire protection will be extended to provide the appropriate services. A new vehicle exhaust system will be installed in the addition, and the addition will be provided with general exhaust/fresh air make-up capabilities. Trench drains will be provided at each new truck bay location and connected to underground piping and new oil/water separator. New roof scuppers will be connected to downspout with runoff collected to subsurface piping to the storm water service. The second portion of the project is the renovation of the existing portion of the fire station. Proposed renovations will necessitate that the existing administrative and sleeping quarters in the facility be vacated and turned over the Contractor to facilitate upgrades to the HVAC system, Architectural finishes, lighting, and fire protection systems. The apparatus bays are to remain operational and renovations in this area will require close coordination.

Contract Value:



Westover Air Reserve Base, Chicopee, MA

Project Completion:

May 2019