Building 2 Bay 5 & 6 Renovation, Tobyhanna Army Depot, Tobyhanna, PA

Brief Project Description:

The work includes the renovation of approximately 64,000 SF of interior office space in Building 2, Bays 5 and 6 at the Tobyhanna Army Depot located in Tobyhanna, PA.

The renovated space will contain open office areas, hard-walled office areas, conference rooms, storage areas and administrative areas. The work will include demolition of the existing interior space to accommodate the new partition and utility layout. The work will also include new blast resistant windows in the area of the renovation, new entrances in the area of the renovation and site work.

The roof deck will be reinforced with additional steel structure to support the new roof top unit. Electrical work will consist of new panel boards and circuits to accommodate the new layout, exterior telecommunications work. All open office furniture will be supplied and installed by the Army Depot’s furniture vendor and will require coordination by the General Contractor.

HVAC work on this project includes installing new HVAC duct systems in 2 existing bays of a warehouse. Systems provided include 9 rooftop air handlers, with ductwork, VAVs, air outlets and applicable temperature controls serving multiple new offices constructed within the 2 bays; 4 make up air units, high temperature exhaust fans ductwork, hose reels and applicable special monitors and controls servicing 4 engine exhaust removal systems; along with miscellaneous small split AC systems, electric lobby/room heaters. Exterior Site work includes trenching for electrical work, chain-link fencing, exterior concrete, and site utilities.

This project also involves lead paint and asbestos removal, mercury containing light tubes and sodium vapor high intensity lamps.

Contract Value:



Tobyhanna Army Depot, Tobyhanna, PA

Project Completion:

February 2014