Install Fiber Optic Cable, Fort Dix, NJ

Brief Project Description:

Work performed under this contract includes but is not limited to:



Install aerial utility poles, anchors, and underground conduit and hand holes, riser conduit pull boxes, drag lines, steel conduit for telecom and electrical wiring. Install new steel nipples, surface mounted conduit stubs and outlet boxes, cable tray, ladder rack and fire stop (to their original fire rating ) through all walls and ceilings as required for new backbone and premise cabling.


Bond steel metal strand of aerial cables to utility pole ground vertical down lead at splice points. Install new vertical down leads on all new poles. Install telecommunications grounding backbone at buildings.

Cable Installation

FIBER BACKBONE – Splice and Install new figure 8, 6 strand single mode fiber cable from Utility pole, new utility poles conduit and pull boxes.

Install single mode optical fiber duct/ aerial cable from the environmental enclosure to each of the telecom hand holes. Fiber cable will be fusion spliced at aerial and hand hole splice points and will be terminated at each building, pedestal and cabinet with fusion spliced ST pigtails.

Copper Backbone

Splice at utility pole in a new copper splice enclosure, install new BKMS air core cable from this splice point to new riser aerial pole. At this point install new copper splice enclosure and splice and install copper cable. Backbone copper cables will terminate on own panels in wall mounted cabinet in buildings. Backbone copper cable will be TDR tested as per specifications.

Contract Value:



Fort Dix, NJ

Project Completion:

July 2011